Rev. Sudie Blanchard, St. George's Episcopal Church in
York, Maine

Just a few weeks before Christmas last year, I got a tearful call on the Deacons' line at St George's.  It was a single mom with several children.  She had just had major surgery and couldn’t work for several weeks while recovering. She had a good, reliable job and her employer was holding that job for her, but in the course of her illness, she had fallen $2460 behind in her rent and was facing immediate eviction. Could the church help?  I sent a plea out to our local clergy group—the result: everyone helped.  The YCFF filled the gap and gave this family a much better Christmas than they expected.  We were able to help this hard-working woman get through a tough time. Thank you, York County Family Fund!



Pastor Dan Hollis, First Parish Church in York, Maine

I am so grateful to partner with the York County Family Fund to help put solid ground back under the feet of those in need. Many times in the last year, people have come to the church having suffered some kind of catastrophe—car totaled, savings stolen by a family member, eviction, lay-off, or near-death hospitalization—and needed something to get them through the worst of it. The York County Family Fund has provided the support they needed to get to the day when that next apartment is open, or that first paycheck comes through, or that surgery has healed enough to find another job. None of us gets through this life alone, and we all need to be there for each other.



Rev. Linda Hirst, First Parish Federated Church in South Berwick, Maine

The York County Family Fund has provided many people in Berwick with basic needs which to the rest of us might not seem like much but to the men and women on the receiving end, have meant the difference between staying in their homes and not living in their cars, being without heat in the middle of winter and giving someone much needed dignity.

Here are 2 examples of what the Fund has done:

It helped a gentlemen and his family of four stay in his rental home this summer by helping him with a month’s rent while he recovered from an accident and was waiting for his new job to begin.  His mother-in-law, who was living with them, is physically disabled and the thought of moving her - in addition to his whole family - was over whelming for everyone. They were thrilled and relieved to be able to stay in the same town, in the same apartment to provide some constancy for their kids.

The Fund also helped an older woman with much needed heat and rental assistance in the town of York,  assuring her ability to stay safely and warmly her home. She fell between the cracks of assistance in York, having too much income for general assistance and not making enough to pay for oil that winter.