The York County Family Fund was created in 2006 in collaboration with the First Parish Church in York, Maine.

It became apparent that there existed a dire need in York County for individuals and families in immediate financial crisis.  People in need approach churches for help.  They usually have nowhere else to turn and churches are safe and anonymity is preserved. The funding has been raised through private donations and public fundraising events.

Since its start in 2006, the York County Family Fund has helped dozens of individuals and families in our local community, providing many thousands of dollars in much needed and timely financial support.  Helping individuals and families to meet needs and deal with crises such as the following are just a few examples of how the York County Family Fund has made and continues to make a real and important difference in our community:

Medical expenses, lost income due to medical issues, job loss or an unexpected death, housing expenses including rent and heat, automobile expenses including maintenance and fuel, food, clothing and education support including school supplies, holiday support including holiday meals and gifts for children

When the pastors approve a payment, the bill is paid directly. The churches also collaborate with other organizations in York County to coordinate the best method of helping a particular individual or family to maximize the effectiveness of the aid.



To create an endowed fund, which will provide financial help, as needed, to churches in York County, Maine. The need is great and the churches are in touch with their communities and understand where the needs are. These funds will be specifically set aside for the pastors to use when they are approached by individuals and families in immediate financial crisis.  It is considered a hand up versus a hand out.  There is no requirement to be a member or parishioner of the church.  Fundraising will also continue annually through public events and outreach.